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The heart of the company “A-Concrete”

The technical development department

It is constantly working to improve the efficiency of the enterprise and master new production technologies.

The three main goals that the department’s work is aimed at are the three pillars necessary for the successful functioning and development of any enterprise:

  • Increase in the volume of output.
  • Decrease its cost price.
  • Reducing the consumption of raw materials and waste generated during production.

We develop to become better for you!

Our goal is to always meet the high demands of our customers and offer new solutions to traditional problems.

Result-Based Work

In the process of realizing our goals, we have developed and use in production equipment that allowed us to:

Become a partner

Significantly speed up production processes.

Improve the quality of products.

Minimize the risk of defects or errors.

And also to minimize the involvement of human employees in the process of manufacturing weights and counterweights. In addition, the reduction of the human factor in production allows for greater safety and comfort of personnel.

Our equipment

The equipment of our own development used at the enterprise are:

On the basis of the department, there is a mechanical assembly site, where all equipment and devices are assembled and tested.

Bucket for moving concrete mix

Concrete mix paver

Bending machine for bending metal embedded parts

Vibrating tables for the production of counterweights in plastic molds

Demolding tilter

Packaging conveyor

Demolding conveyor

Drum screen for separating materials into fractions

Weighing device for controlling the mass of counterweights

Welding portal for contact welding of metal embedded parts

Device for loading material into the mold in the composite counterweight section.

Specialists of the technical development department take part in all stages of production: from the idea to the final product. Using our many years of experience, we produce counterweights on a turnkey basis – from preparing molds to delivering finished products.

We will also help you in the implementation of any of the production stages: development of the counterweight design, development of the reinforcement scheme, design of the plastic mold, etc.

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Today in the company “A-Concrete” 4 main sections are successfully functioning:

  • production of counterweights in plastic molds
  • vibrocompression
  • production of composite counterweights
  • semi-dry pressing

The technical development department continues to master and implement new technologies, such as dry pressing and production in fixed half-mold. Thanks to this, in the near future we plan to expand the range of products and increase production volumes.