12.05.2017 Our company has approved the Quality Policy

12.05.2017 Our company has approved the Quality Policy

Currently, «A-Concrete» LLC is working on the creation of quality management system, in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015 «Quality Management Systems. Requirements», in connection with this, the Quality Policy was approved.

In accordance with STB ISO 9000-2015 «Quality Management Systems. Fundamentals and vocabulary» the Quality Policy – is a general intentions and direction of the organization’s activity in the field of quality, formally formulated by the top management.

The Quality Policy is a part of common policy and strategy of the organization. The top management, represented by Director, determines the Policy in the field of quality and is responsible for its implementation. It ensures inclusion in the Policy of obligations to meet requirements and constantly improve the effectiveness of QMS

The Quality Policy defines goals, objectives, principles and obligations of the organization in terms of the quality of products, is the basis for setting and analyzing the objectives in the field of organization quality.

The company’s Quality Policy is approved by the Director of the organization.